From the historic city to Weihenstephan

After exploring the historic city and the Domberg, cross the former Freising-Bavarian state border with our city guides. After the boundary stone, continue to the Hofgarten and Apothekergarten as well as to the southern slope of the Weihenstephaner Berg: Here are the ruins of the Korbinianskapelle with the Korbiniansbrünnl below. According to legend, its source was awakened by Saint Corbinian, the patron saint of the city of Freising. The well water is said to have caused miracles and healings. The tunnel, which leads to the little fountain, is not only considered by art historians to be the oldest surviving masonry in the city of Freising, but is also one of the oldest spring sanctuaries in Bavaria with an age of up to 1200 years. The walk then leads past the remains of the former Benedictine monastery Weihenstephan and the Bavarian State Brewery of the same name - where the heart of the art of brewing beats.
We also offer this tour starting in Weihenstephan (from Weihenstephan to the historic city).
Please note that tour routes go through historic parts of the city which may not all be fully wheelchair-accessible. For detailed advice concerning group tours and accessibility on the tours, you can naturally contact Freising Tourist Information at any time.

City tour for groups "From the historic city to Weihenstephan"

General information

Duration: 90 minutes
Dates: by appointment only
Group rate: 95 euros for a maximum of 25 people
Surcharges: for foreign languages ​​and evening appointments after 6 p.m. 25 euros per group


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