Exploring Bavaria’s tradition of beer

Freising invites you to the heart of beer brewing

Nowhere in Bavaria is the local art of beer brewing more multifaceted than here, in the most historical city on the River Isar. The earliest written sources of brewing in Freising are from 825. Later, in the eighteenth century, the city had 18 breweries. Today only two have survived: the privately owned Gräfliches Hofbrauhaus Freising and the state-run Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan. From the nineteenth century onwards, Freising began to build a reputation as the scientific centre of beer brewing.

Weihenstephan Hill, its university institutions and brewing courses is now world-famous. Close to this seat of brewing expertise, several Freising-based companies manufacture and export brewing equipment and machinery all over the world. And just a few kilometres outside the city are the hop fields of Hallertau, the world’s largest continuous plantation growing the “soul of the beer”. Only a short distance lies between Freising’s beer gardens and the great hop growers with their fields of lofty frames and poles. Freising combines traditional brewing and beer with characteristic Upper Bavarian hospitality. The perfect place to start exploring Bavarian beer culture!   

History tour – On the trail of historic breweries

Exploring the history of brewing in Freising

This fascinating tour traces the roots of Freising’s great beer tradition. We invite you to the world’s oldest active brewery on Weihenstephan Hill, then to the “Bischöfliches Bräuhaus“ (Bishops‘ Brewery), today the Hofbrauhaus, as well as other brewing locations still clearly to be seen in the city.  more

Traditional breweries

Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan and Hofbrauhaus Freising

The tradition of crafting beer is still alive and well today – in Freising’s biggest breweries, Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan and Hofbrauhaus Freising, in the city’s varied and vibrant events, and most of all in the wonderful beer gardens. And finally, research and teaching of the art of brewing built the national and international reputation of the TUM School of Life Sciences in Freising-Weihenstephan.   more

Beer festival calendar – the beer year

Tap that barrel – Freising’s beer festival calendar

A city that can look back on 1200 years of brewing culture certainly knows how to celebrate. Beer festivals are held throughout the year .  more

Beer gardens and their history

Gourmet pleasures, Bavarian-style

All Freising’s traditional inns and restaurants offer the chance for visitors to personally test the high quality of the local beer. On balmy summer evenings, a visit to a Freising beer garden is pure pleasure and a welcome chance to embrace the slower side of life. It’s been around 200 years since the Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance prohibited breweries from serving their beer outside licensed premises. This regulation from 1812 is the origin of the custom that beer-garden guests are allowed to bring their own food.  more

Gateway to the Hallertau

Freising – Start of the German Hop Road

Start here to follow the German Hop Road into the world’s largest continuous hop growing region. more