In Freising’s rose gardens

Freising has a long and distinguished history of horticulture and garden design – and a tradition of colourful beds of roses everywhere in its public green spaces. 80 different varieties grow in “Rose Island” alone, between the railway station and city centre. Freising’s inhabitants have embraced this garden as a blooming retreat amidst the bustle of the historic laneways.

It’s a place that clearly communicates the message of the roses, and you will sense it too: roses bring the generations together and bring joy to everyday life. The little River Moosach gurgles its way among the rose bushes. Parts of the bank have been lowered, with steps leading down to the water that create refreshing seats in the summer.

Freising plays host to the world of gardening.

A highlight in Freising’s events calendar is the Garden Festival. Held annually in May, it brings the world of horticulture to the city. Around 120 carefully selected exhibitors unveil a magnificent display in the tranquil, contemplative courtyards and gardens of the former Neustift Abbey, today the offices of the district council. The festival includes a high-calibre programme of entertainment. Freising Garden Festival is the first and probably best-known of its kind in southern Germany, and has long since become a standout occasion in the international garden year.

Impressions (copyright Gartentage)