Freising – The forest experience

Breathing in the spicy scent of the forest, absorbing the sights and sounds of this natural environment, make all the senses come alive. Forest walks allow us to forget the cares of daily routine for a while and are fun and educational. KKids will love to create their own memories of these expeditions!

The Forest Trail is a roughly 2-kilometre circular route through Freising Forest and the Bavarian State Arboretum, with many intriguing experience points along the way. Intrepid explorers can walk barefoot over the forest floor, try out the “treephone” to hear how wood conducts sounds, or practise tracking forest animals. The 23-stop trail, lined with information boards and interactive play options, is a great way to get to know our forest through play, exploration and all the five senses. It starts and finishes at the “Plantage” forest restaurant.       

Up close with the World Forest

In Freising, the forests of North America, Asia and Europe – including the Mediterranean – unfold before the gates of the city. Just five kilometres from Freising, in Kranzberg Forest, is the World Forest arboretum, with trees from various continents in an amazing array of shapes and sizes. In the roughly 250-acre forest, giant sequoias, katsuras and Japanese umbrella pines are as much at home as indigenous species. The section dedicated to Rosaceae and wild fruits and the “Botanikum”, a show garden with over 200 hardy shrubs, are particularly fascinating. Various signposted circular routes offer glorious views and panoramas, with rest points and wood sculptures especially commissioned for the arboretum along the way. Maps of the area, informative displays and brochures can be found at the pavilions. At the heart of the arboretum is the picturesque Church of St Clemens.  The World Forest offers an exceptional natural experience whatever the season.