Discover Freising’s gardens and natural idylls

Freising invites you to experience nature with all the senses

The gardens at the heart of Freising are unique in their blend of historical and modern influences, landscaping and architecture, education and experience. The lush green water-meadows of the River Moosach and the paths along the River Isar are also inviting routes for long walks. Roses have long been a central feature of the cityscape. In 2001 Freising was chosen as Bavaria’s first City of Roses.

City of Roses – City of Gardens

Fragrant companions

Freising proudly bears the official title of “City of Roses”. The queen of flowers can be found everywhere throughout the historic quarter and the city’s public gardens and green spaces...  more

The Gardens at Weihenstephan

Freising plays host to the world.

Horticulture fans from near and far are familiar with the magnificent show gardens in Weihenstephan. A stroll through their lavish variety is always worthwhile; not only for their beauty, but as a source of inspiration for a garden or even balcony at home… more

“World Forest” and forest knowledge

A voyage of discovery through the continents

In Freising, the forests of North America, Asia and Europe – including the Mediterranean – unfold before the gates of the city. Just five kilometres away, in Kranzberg Forest, is the “World Forest” arboretum … more