Getting to Freising

Freising is situated in Upper Bavaria in the environs of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Regular S-Bahn (suburban train) services connect the cities. Freising is close to Munich International Airport and lies between the regional centres of Augsburg, Landshut and Regensburg. At the heart of Upper Bavaria, it is naturally easy to reach from all directions.

From the railway station to the historic city centre

If you can't or don't want to walk from Freising railway station to the historic city centre, there are two city centre minibus routes operated by Freisinger Stadtwerke.

Timetable for line 650 (Freising railway station - Marienplatz - Christopher-Paudiß-Platz - Ottostraße/Heiliggeistgasse - Freising railway station)
Timetable for line 651 (Freising railway station - Fürstendamm - Johannisstraße - Obere Hauptstraße - Freising railway station) 


An important destination for visitors is Freising's Cathedral hill with its cultural facilities. The lift to the Cathedral hill (called Dombergbahn) runs from Bahnhofstraße up to the Cathedral hill. The lift enables all Freising residents and visitors to the city to get to the Cathedral hill plateau quickly, comfortably and barrier-free and to reach the buildings and institutions located there. Detailed information about the Dombergbahn can be found here on the website.


Getting here by train

Freising is served by regional trains to and from Munich and Landshut, the train line RE 22 (airport via Freising to Moosburg) and the S1 suburban train line of the Munich Transport Authority. Arrival and departure times can be found online at the following timetable information sites:
Deutsche Bahn AG timetable information (trains)
Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund timetable information (Munich Transport Authority suburban trains)
A Deutsche Bahn service centre is located at Freising railway station (click here for information about the travel center).
Recorded timetable information is available at: 0800/1507090

Getting here by coach

You can download an overview of parking spaces for cars and buses as well as disabled parking spaces in the wider area of the Old Town as a PDF file here (Legend in German). 

Coach alighting point:

  • in the southern part of Bahnhofstraße between Martin-Luther-Straße and Gartenstraße (from 11 March to 31 December 2024); this enables visitor-friendly boarding and alighting near the city centre and the new inclined lift to the Domberg and Diözesanmuseum during the anniversary year 2024   
  • in front of Altstadtparkhaus in the third lane on the right (satnav entry: Alois-Steinecker-Strasse 20)
  • in the stopping bay for city buses opposite the fire station on Dr.-von-Daller-Strasse/ corner of Angerbadergasse (satnav entry: Dr.-von- Daller-Str. 7)

Coach parking:

  • "Korbiniansbrücke" (corner of Luitpoldstrasse/ Erdinger Strasse)
  • Luitpoldanlage (satnav setting: Luitpoldstrasse 1). Notice: No parking during the Uferlos festival (mid-May to mid-June) or during the Volksfest (end of August to mid-September)

Getting here by car

On the A9 Munich–Nuremberg autobahn: A9 towards Nuremberg then take A92 autobahn towards Deggendorf / Passau, exit at Freising-Mitte, continue on the 2350 towards Freising Stadtmitte (city centre).
On the A9 Nuremberg–Munich autobahn: exit at Allershausen, continue on the 2084 to Freising.
On the A8 Augsburg–Munich autobahn: from the A8, take the A92 autobahn towards Deggendorf / Passau, exit at Freising-Mitte, continue on the 2350 towards Freising Stadtmitte (city centre).


We have listed the car parks with addresses for you below.
You can download an overview of parking spaces for cars and buses as well as disabled parking spaces in the wider area of the Old Town as a PDF file here (Legend in German). 

Large car parks, free:

  • Luitpoldanlage, Luitpoldstrasse 1, 85354 Freising (note: closed because of cultural events from approx. mid-May to start of June and from mid-August to mid-September)
  • Park & Ride at train station, Luitpoldstrasse, 85354 Freising

Large car parks, pay:

  • Angerbadergasse, Angerbadergasse, 85354 Freising
  • Kammergasse, Kammergasse 12, 85354 Freising
  • Wippenhauser Straße, Wippenhauser Straße 6, 85354 Freising
  • Am Landratsamt, Landshuter Straße 31, 85356 Freising
  • Alois-Steinecker-Straße, Alois-Steinecker-Straße 18, 85354 Freising (private car park hospital)

Multi-storey car parks

Cashless payment with debit and credit cards is possible in these multi-storey car parks.
There is a charging option for your e-vehicles (Schuko 230 V) in the three multi-storey car parks: You fill up with 100 percent renewable electricity - only the parking fees are charged.

  • Parkhaus am Wörth / Domberg, Bahnhofstraße 16, 85354 Freising
  • Altstadt Parkhaus, Alois-Steinecker-Straße 20, 85354 Freising
  • Parkhaus Untere Altstadt, Dr.-von-Daller-Straße 9, 85354 Freising

For more information on the above car parks (opening hours, charges etc.) visit the Freisinger Stadtwerke website (currently available in German only).
There is also a paid multi-storey car park in the city centre:

  • Parkhaus Sparkasse, Weizengasse, 85354 Freising

Parking in the city

Pick up a pocket-size car park guide from the Tourist Information Office  and in many city centre shops.
An interactive map with an overview of the city’s car parks is available online. The map was created by Aktive City Freising e.V.

Electric vehicle charging stations in Freising

Stadtwerke Freising utility company provides several public charging stations for electric vehicles in Freising, which are accessible around the clock:

  • Freisinger Stadtwerke (2 x 22 kW), Wippenhauserstr. 19
  • Landratsamt Freising (2 x 22 kW), Landshuter Str. 31
  • Angerbadergasse (4 x 22 kW), Angerbadergasse (access via Dr.-v.-Daller-Strasse only)
  • Savoyer Au (4 x 22 kW), Savoyer Au
  • Luitpoldanlage (2 x 22 kW), Luitpoldstraße 1
  • Mainburger Straße (2 x 22k W), near house number 3
  • Schlüterstraße ( 4 x 22 Kw)
  • Weihenstephaner Straße  (2 x 22 kW), Am Lindenkeller
  • Wippenhauser Straße (4 x 22 kW), near house number 6

Other charging facilities are available at the car parks operated by Stadtwerke Freising (see above).
For more information about the charging station features and payment methods, visit the Stadtwerke Freising website (currently available in German only).

Caravan/RV parking

Caravans, RVs and camper vans can park in Freising for a maximum of 24 hours at the parking lot below. Please note that this is only a parking spot close to the city centre and does not offer any camping services or infrastructure.

Parking lot at Korbiniansbrücke Freising (Luitpoldstrasse)

Getting here by air

Freising is just five kilometres away from Munich International Airport, serving countless national and international destinations. The city bus line 635 runs from Freising railway station directly to the airport arrival and departure terminal. The journey takes 20 minutes.
Timetable for the 635 bus