Contemporary arts in the royal sheep barn

The Schafhof, as the stunning building is familiarly known in Freising, perches on a ridge on the northern perimeter of the city. Originally built in 1819 as a barn for merino sheep, it has been used for a host of purposes over the decades and has now found the perfect purpose ­ and a much more elegant name: European Art Forum Upper Bavaria. Take your time: for an excursion to this beautiful semi-rural location with glorious views, for the exceptional architecture, and for the wide range of culture on offer as the European Art Forum Upper Bavaria, the Schafhof.
You can see hosts exhibitions of national, local and international artists all year round. The stunning barrel-vaulted space on the upper floor is an exhibition space that casts a fascinating atmosphere. The centre also offers three live-in studios and operates an exchange programme under which three guest artists from European countries live and work at the Schafhof for three months while Upper Bavarian artists do the same in the partner country. The works inspired during these periods and the personal encounters with the artists are part of the inspiring high points in the annual programme of events.
At the annual Johannismarkt art fair and Advent Market, craftspeople carefully selected by a panel of judges display their works in the Schafhof’s captivating atmosphere. Numerous other events add the finishing touch to the high-calibre cultural programme at the artists’ centre.