Weihenstephan Art Trail – A sculpture park on the campus

The university campus in Freising-Weihenstephan is a place of teaching, learning and research – and more besides. Art is the key at this collection of historic and modern buildings, show and experimental gardens and extensive green areas. Works of art expand our gaze beyond the horizons of what is scientifically and technically possible. They create an identity for the place.

In a meadow on the north flank of Weihenstephan Hil stands an eye-catching columnar bronze entitled “Große Flora II” (Great Flora II) by the sculptor Fritz König. Opposite to the north is a bronze sculpture by Herbert Peters, while Ernst Hermanns’ stainless-steel pillar is to the west. All were erected in 1976 and are campus landmarks. Since then, many more works have been commissioned by the State Board of Works in Freising. In fact, this wealth of contemporary sculpture by regionally and internationally renowned artists, created especially for their specific locations, is almost unique in Freising. A walk around the campus is a chance to view the collection of almost 30 works, and a wonderful source of inspiration. Small plaques are placed at the sculptures to provide information about the artists and their works.

Circular walks

The Weihenstephan Art Trail comprises two circular routes, each taking somewhat over an hour.

A detailed brochure on how the Art Trail was developed, the works and their creators is available from Freising Tourist Information for EUR 2.50.